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Kangya produce biodegradable spunlace and wet wipes

Since EU restrictions on certain single-use plastics, many manufactures and suppliers are searching for spunlace which is biodegradable, flushable, compostable to meet the requirement.

As an manufacture of spunlace, we Kangya are good at producing this kind of eco-friendly raw material. We have wide range of choice for your option:
Full cotton
Full viscose

We have 3 machines, and daily output is 15 tons, main for export.

Also we produce eco-friendly wet wipes with our own material.
Currently we are producing full viscose one, full cotton one and bamboo one. Box, bag, barrel package available. Currently our PLA is main for toilet wipes.

We use recyclable bags or barrels to pack our wet wipes, and our carton are made from recycle material, will make sure all out materials are

Kangya has 20 designer for helping to to make your own brand and 3 chemical engineer with bachelors degree for help you develop your own formulation for special use. Please sent us your inquiry and your order details or your ideal, we will help you to realize your ideal.

Kangya produce biodegradable spunlace and wet wipes     Kangya produce biodegradable spunlace and wet wipes2

Kangya is still keeping developing more products to meet the requirement of the market, please keep eyes on us and feel free to contact.

Post time: Jan-29-2023