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Soft Ochre Robe/Gown: Inspired by Japanese Kimono Shape and Style

A renowned factory recently introduced a new soft ochre robe or gown made from 70% Turkish cotton and 30% linen. This garment was inspired by the traditional kimono, which is a loose-fitting robe with wide sleeves that are tied together with a sash. The style of this garment has been adopted in other places as dressing gowns.

This factory is well-known for its quality standard and their products have ISO 13485 and CE certificates available to attest to its superior production standards. Their main product range includes face masks, wet wipes, dry wipes, PPE products, gowns, bras, underpads and shoe covers.

The new soft ochre robe/gown offers luxury comfort due to its lightweight material while maintaining durability at the same time. It is designed with intricate details including classic Japanese elements such as long pleats on the front side that give it an elegant look when worn. Additionally, it features two deep pockets on either side to store small items like keys or wallets making it highly practical too! With adjustable drawstrings around the waist area this garment offers great flexibility allowing wearers of all sizes to move comfortably without any restriction or discomfort.

Traditional Japanese robes are believed to bring longevity and good luck hence this design pays homage to them while being modernized for today’s lifestyle needs – ideal both for casual wear as well as formal occasions! In addition it comes in various colors giving customers plenty of options when choosing one according to their individual tastes!

Overall these robes provide ultimate comfort combined with style especially since they can be easily matched up with different types of clothing – perfect for those who want something unique yet timeless piece added into their wardrobe collection!

Post time: Mar-01-2023