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Kangya Help To Fight COVID-19

Today, COVID-19 is prevalent around the world, and new types are constantly being discovered. It is very difficult to eliminate it. However, this virus cannot be ignored. It spreads rapidly, spreads widely, has a high fatality rate, and has serious sequelae. It has a great impact on people’s health, life and life, so for this disease, prevention is better than cure, everyone should know that how to protect themselves from COVID-19.
Transmission routes of Covid-19 include respiratory droplets, touching surfaces or objects contaminated with the virus, short-range aerosol or airborne transmission. The virus may also spread in poorly ventilated and/or crowded indoor environments. Water, food also are considered to be one route of infection too.
Recently, Sea food is tested by two cities in South of China–Xiamen and Wuhan, which is near the sea, this news cause big panic, a lot of people feel do not know how to keep away from this bad disease.
In fact, WHO already give the way of Epidemic prevention method, As a medical and hygiene company, Kangya is keeping focused on fight COVID-19, we provide below method for protect from infection from COVID-19.
1.Face mask (TYPE IIR and protect face mask). This is a most economic way you can choose.
2.Alcohol wet wipe. (99 virus be killed)–use alcohol wipes to do clean for your home or office is a very good way, Alcohol can kill COVID-19 virus within a minute.
3.Alcohol pad.(99 virus be killed)—Same function with alcohol wipes, but small than it, more economic and portable.
4.Syringe for vaccine—Vaccine can protect your body well, and if positive, symptoms will be reduced, it’s the last barrier of your body.
5.COVID test kit.—test covid-19 at home, reduce infection which caused by gathering.

Post time: Sep-19-2022