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Tencel Wipes–New Product From Kangya.

For a long time, viscose and polyester is the main raw material of wet wipes, especially full polyester one. But recently, people find it is not a very good choice, in fact, polyester is a kind of plastic, it can not be biodegradable, unflushable. Especially can be not used for toilet paper.


Now Kangya is using Tencel to produce our wet wipes which is good for baby care, cosmetic and hygiene use. To compare with polyester, it has has great advantage:
1. It can keep, or release more water according to the requirement. Which is most important for wet wipes, since it is not easy to get dry.
2. Soft and smooth, is more suitable for baby or skin, especially for sensitive skin.
3. As strong as polyester when getting wet. Thus it fits for clean too.
4. As a disposable products, its raw material is natural wood, so it is renewable, more eco-friendly.
5. From natural and back to natural. It is biodegradable, can be degradable in few weeks in the natural environment.
6. Flushable. You can threw it into drain, and do not get blockage.
Now more and more people are caring about environment protect, but they do not want pay more for it, Tencel is a very good material, which can be used for several times, like fist clean your face, then clean your hands, then clean tables and kitchens, thus it is still economic and since its good function on clean everything, it is suitable for middle to high grade products, avoid too much price competition,and get good selling review.
Since EU regulation on abandon plastic, more and more brands are starting to use non-plastic material to produce wet wipes, Tencel will be a good choice for you to take advantage on get more market share.
We produce bamboo, cotton, viscose material wet wipes too, please sent your inquiry for price and samples.

Post time: Sep-13-2022