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Nonwoven Fabric Spunlace

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Spunlace is a nonwoven fabric, based on the bonding by waterjets of carded web. The hydroentangled bonding technology is a system in which water is emitted under high pressure and velocity from closely positioned nozzles onto a web of loose fibers.

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The intensity of the water stream and the pattern of the supporting drum or belt entangle, spin and curl the web’s fibers about one another. The entangling of the fibers and the friction between the web’s fibers yields a cohesive web. The process makes a nonwoven fabrics with physical properties of softness, high bulk, drapability, stretchiness, good strength and depending upon the fiber used, aesthetics that mimic traditional knitted or woven textiles. The fibers are composed of polyester and viscose in different proportions.

Spunlace has good moisture absorption and permeability ability, that has a wide range of uses in medical industrial personal care and hygiene as well as various industrial applications. We have access to the latest spunlace technology and premium quality fibre, so we can offer products made to fit any purpose, from extra-strong and thick fabric to ultra-soft, biodegradable wipes. As a manufacture for non-woven fabric we produce with producing high-quality spunlace material. We produce spunlace out of materials like biodegradable viscose, cotton, cellulose, polyester, bamboo as well as various blends depending on your needs. Spunlace products can be left plain or embossed to suit your final product.


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1. Cross lapping or straight lapping or half cross lapping.
2. Width.
3. Emboss type.
4. How many meters per roll.
5. Proportions of viscose and polyester.
6. Quantity.
We produce wet wipes, dry wipes too, if you need them too, leave your message here too, please.

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